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This is the basic outline of the principles I believe in.  They are broken down into four sub- categories for easier understanding. I will fight for these tenets and more when given the opportunity to serve you as your Representative from the First District.

*Respect for Life

​  1)  American values rest with protecting life at all stages, strong families, and individual involvement.


  2)  Our nation's greatest strength rests on the shoulders of the individual citizens and each person's dignity, freedom                              and responsibility must be honored and respected.

​  3)  We must be a nation of equal rights, equal justice, and equal opportunity regardless of race, creed, age or disability.

  4)  We must seek reform within the criminal justice system  by taking steps including reevaluating minimum sentencing  for non - violent  federal  offenders.

*Respect for the US Constitution

 5) We must embrace the principles of free enterprise and encourage individual initiatives as these are the keys to economic growth,           and prosperity.

 6) We must have a government that is a responsible caretaker of taxpayer money. Taxpayers must be allowed to keep more               of their earned money and government must learn to live within its means.

 7)  Government can only govern with the consent of the governed and must never lose sight that all its power  was bestowed upon them  by the  people.

*Belief in Limited Government

 8) Government must limit its role and provide only those basic needs that cannot be provided by individuals or private                         organizations. Government can be compassionate without enabling a pattern of lifetime dependency .

 9) Government cannot continue to stifle potential medical breakthroughs crucial to our citizen's wellbeing through                                 overregulation or forced participation in restrictive medical care coverage.

*Belief in Personal Responsibility

 10) We must secure our borders from illegal immigration without delay and prosecute those who violate immigration law.

11) Any and all foreign policy decisions including aid and charitable giving must be made with the goal of preserving  and improving American society.

12) The men and women of our armed forces who face danger in defense of our principles deserve our respect and                            unconditional support.    

13) Education decisions must be done and kept locally. 

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