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  " The time is now for a new liberty, a new freedom. 

   Join us and together we will succeed." 

Martin Baker, candidate for US  Congress

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Letter to the People

To the people of the 1st District of Missouri

Our District historically has been the Gateway to the Westward expansion of our great nation. The people of this district are some of the hardest working and most friendly people in the world. However, tough times have taken their toll on our home. In the past decade we have seen massive job losses, decreased property values, and good money spent on bad ideas and polices. Those choices are not the fault of one person, or one group...the blame falls on us all.

But today is a new day, and the time is now for new ideas. The time is now for new leadership. The time is now for the 1st District to regain its rightful place as the Gateway. Together we can accomplish this task. To do so, we must be prepared yet prayerful. We must be determined yet humble. We must be fearless yet merciful. We must be willing to challenge ourselves and our government like never before. We must take drastic measures to bring our government back from the brink. We must tell our leaders that they too must live within a budget as we do. We must tell them that any laws they enact must also apply to them. We must restore the prominence of our District by taking a bold new direction like we never have before. The time is now to elect a candidate who embraces principles of a proud Frederick  Douglass Republican, who is ready to take the lead to move our District and our nation forward.

The time has come for us to seek ideas in places we didn't before. I humbly ask for your support in this cause...I am living proof that the American Dream is still alive and well in our District. Join us and lets reacquire that Dream together. 


     Martin D. Baker

        Martin Baker for Congress
                                                       Missouri First Congressional District
Respect for Life

Respect for the US Constitution

Belief in Limited Government

Belief in Personal Responsibility

"I am a Republican,  a black dyed in    the wool Republican,  and I never intend to belong to any other party than the party of freedom     and progress."
                                      -Frederick Douglass

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